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The surprise gift

The surprise gift - Michel Daignault

The weather has been so moody lately that I have no clue on what to wear. It happened that we had warm mornings with hot temperatures at noon, followed by cold rainy days. Two days ago I was wearing flip flops and short sleeves. Yesterday morning when I had a look at the thermometer placed outside on my kitchen’s window, there were ten degrees Celsius. After enjoying the warm sunny days, I hoped that summer was here. Apparently, not yet!

The sky was gloomy, covered with dark grey clouds which did not seem to go anywhere. I felt like returning to bed and sleep for couple of more hours. The lack of light looked like an open invitation to laziness. As much as I would have liked to spend the day at home, I had to get ready soon and leave.

While the coffee was still brewing, I got dressed quickly and put on my green ankle boots. I was supposed to meet one of my friends after work and go for a walk. Before going out of the door, I had another look at the sky and wished that it would not rain in the evening. I poured the coffee in the mug, took my umbrella and left.

When I reached the street, I realized that outside it was a bit chillier than I thought. Despite my thick cardigan, I felt cold chills on my back. I wanted to return upstairs and take my thermos windshield jacket, but I remembered it was dirty. During my last hike, I fell down and got it all muddy.

When I got at work I was pleased to see that I had left my leather jacket over there. Before I open my email, I checked the weather online. They were predicting a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon. I doubted that there would be any sun at all during the day. It looked more like a storm was on the day.

Later on it turned out that I was wrong. The sun did shine above the city. Right before leaving, I saw my office getting brighter. I was contented that rain did not interfere with my plans. Twenty minutes later, I met my friend in front of the Bonaventure metro. He was having a cigarette while waiting. He was wearing the same type of leather jacket as me. That was funny coincidence!

The first thing he said to me was that he knew what to offer as a surprise gift to our common friend Joel for his thirtieth birthday: a printed canvas. I welcomed his idea of transferring a Photo to Canvas. The only problem was that we had to decide which photo was suitable for this job.

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Bibliothéquaire en semaine, j’adore prendre le temps d’écrire le week-end sur ce blogue. Cet espace virtuel c’esst un peu ma seconde maison, un espace ou j’échange et ou je discute avec vous de tout et de rien. Vous trouverez évidemment ce petit côté structuré dans la manière don’t j’écris – à l’image de mon métier.